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Your manufacturer of luxury stainless steel chests, luggage, trunks & more!

Bruj is the brainchild of a need for excellence, quality, and old fashion American made products! The innovative and out of the box thinking of Bernie MacDonald, founder and owner of Bruj, lead to a desire improve the on a product that many people sometimes overlook.

Ever notice the car someone is driving or what brand of clothing someone is wearing? The choices we all make in our personal appearance and the accessories we use to express ourselves say a lot about us without saying a word. Fashion is an excellent example of this idea. The appropriate attire for an occasion of any subject is always of great importance. People spend hours, if not weeks scouring, shopping and sparing no expenses to get just the right look for that party, outing or special occasion. If you find the perfect match of colors, garments accessories you are excelled to the queen or king of the ball and everyone is in awe of you and your excellent taste. But if you come looking less than desired, you are immediately frowned upon and exiled into the class of fashion limbo.

Bruj, is here to help you stay on top of the fashion world with our stainless steel luggage and home decor.

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